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Drifting Colors

April 19, 2012
By bluedusk BRONZE, Weimar, California
bluedusk BRONZE, Weimar, California
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Oh how the leaves fall
Red yellow and orange drift with the wind
Pale gold skies with wisps of pink clouds
Sing their truths as the leaves paint intricate patterns across time
Children jump to catch the leaves but they dance playfully away
Lovers kiss in the volley of colors
Beauty of the land, elegance of the sky
Are made one as a lone leaf flies far above the rest
Reaching for a breath of life
"Follow me!" the sun calls
The wind sighs and kindly lifts the leaf higher
Then back to earth where it settles into the ground
Oh how the leaves fall
Telling us the everything has an end
And everything will be born again

The author's comments:
In the fall time i was watching out my window and saw the leaves as they were changing color. i wish more people would notice the beauty in simple things

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on Apr. 20 2012 at 7:32 pm
Ashfire10 SILVER, Morganton, North Carolina
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This poem is so beautifully written.  I absolutly loved it.  I always thought I was the only on who admired nature like this but apparently not :) Great work