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To Define or not to Define

April 5, 2012
By reman5 PLATINUM, Ganei Tikwa, Other
reman5 PLATINUM, Ganei Tikwa, Other
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Do I run from definition,

Or do I look for it?

Do I really want it,

Or do I just choose to succumb to it?

I'm not sure if it reassures me,

Or limits me.

I can no longer tell if the words reflect me,

Or who I want to be.

Is there anything that can define me?

And if there is,

isn't it a bit pretentious to think otherwise?

Nothing can reassure me now

And nothing can limit me,

I no longer seek definition

But it still haunts me.

I look forward to the day

Definitions will mean nothing,

And people,

Will mean everything.

Because that day is the definition

Of me.

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