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2 sided argument

March 8, 2012
By The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
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Well as you may know there are two sides to every poem,
If you don’t like that you can just go home.
For this isn’t where you belong,
So go back to playing Donkey Kong.
For those of you still here, the first side of the poem usually starts with;
The optimist who states:
Life, it’s what you breath, what you speak every day, in-and-out,
Peaceful in every way.
For life is just one PERFECT cycle that keeps turning
Because of its perfection you can truly be whoever you want to be,
And to do whatever you want to do…
But in truth we all know this isn’t true,
So here comes side 2 a bit of a reality check:
Now were back to reality so,
I hope you know the gravity of the situation that life is.
If not I shall explain in this little contemplation of the world domination of inflation
Across currencies of each and every nation,
And soon just wait.
Riots will lead to major confrontation,
Leading to world devastation.
Then following this major tragedy from the nations sending everyone deep,
Deep into depression followed by.
Half-a**ed government-quick-fix recession,
Just to get our attention long enough for the next taxation they lead on,
Causing world wars bringing more destruction causing the cycle to repeat till nothing is left.
So in the end both sides suck either way, not to lie.
For choosing optimism is to just deny everything as if you were high
And let life just pass you by.
But reality sucks as well as heard from my rant on before.
So what can one do to cope with such fate besides the use of rope?
Escape, escape from it all to simplicity and bliss with a pocket full of sunshine
And a kiss of black till you lack the sense,
Or the attention to care
For its better to die unknowing of it than,
Stressing over life’s 2 sides of the spectrum.
So enjoy life…Whatever that means, take it to a new level
And get out of your safe place for it’s a jungle out there and
Your about to be swallowed up if you’re not careful…

The author's comments:
a look at the world as i see it.

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