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An Angel's Scream

February 22, 2012
By writinggirl20 PLATINUM, Marksville, Louisiana
writinggirl20 PLATINUM, Marksville, Louisiana
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"Ma'Dosa, please stop acting stupid and come here!" His beautiful voice yelled out to me. I stopped and looked over my shoulder to see him simply devastated. "Poor you, I'm not coming back." I said trying to make him feel even worse. I turned away and started to walk toward the four lanes. After that,...I didn't hear a thing. I turned to look him down once more, but he wasn't there. "Baden..." she said as she ran back to where he was. There. He was sitting down staring out into the distance. "Dude, what now!" I scolded at him. No movement. I sat beside him and looked to where he was looking. Nothing, I leaned forward and waved my hand in his face. There you go, he looked at me crucially and kissed me fiercely and we fell on our backs to the ground. I pulled away. "Baden, What the hell is wrong with you?" she said soberly. "Nothing, I just....wanted one last kiss." he said doubtfully like a four year old. "Baden, I was only going to the store across the four lanes." she said unbelieving his little sorry joke. "Oh." he sat up and we both laughed. We sat back up and looked up at the small at the small store at the top of the hill on the other side. "It's just so long. It would take hours and even days to get there." He said as if he was going to cry again. "Baden, stop!" I said over and over again. He looked at me with those legendary puppy eyes and whimpered. "Baden, seriously. Are you going to act like that before we go back to school for our sophomore year? Damn. Chill out and enjoy the time we have left before that stupid day to go back to school." I said leaning back on my elbows raising my leg to kick him forward for a laugh. Ka-punk! "Ow! alright Ma' Dosa, just remember this. You asked for it." he said as he started to climb uphill to the store. As he disappeared, I sat there. Thinking,...thinking of him.Soon enough he came back. "Here!!" he said as he tossed me the pack of cigarettes and flic-a-bic lighter."Wow, I guess I could of done it after all." I said nodding as I was peering at him through the corner of my eye. He stood there with his arms crossed and just stared out into the distance at the sun as I laid flat on my back, one arm behind my head and the other holding a freshly lit cigarette. "How is it?" he said not moving his eyes not his beautiful body. "Pretty great." I said going to take another puff than another.

The author's comments:
(This came up by me reading "The Last Love Letter) the story was written by someone on teen ink but I forgot who it was (Not to be mean or anything). But I will be nice enough to let the credit of the name go to whoever wrote 'The Last Love Letter")

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