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Into the Blue

February 12, 2012
By mdp7292 SILVER, Birmingham, Michigan
mdp7292 SILVER, Birmingham, Michigan
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I am sinking into the Blue
The Blue, which I know, consumes you too
For there is no clear right
And there is no clear wrong
Our story isn’t the making of a common love song
It is unclear where our true loyalty lies
When either decision leads to our demise
To do what is expected
From the family I’ve neglected
Or risk all of my being
For a single chance at fleeing
Bloodlines only run so deep
But a broken heart, you forever keep
We’ll pack our bags and call a car
Intending to travel very far
Away from this place that was never home
A place that has no space to roam
I hope someday they will understand
That I cannot follow their demand
So I am setting off to look for you
For now this day is almost through
I am running to the place we’ll meet
Avoiding any open street
I try to ignore the subtle ache
Have we made a big mistake?
I spot you by our secret place
A smile spreads across my face
I wave but you don’t look at me
You’re staring at a nearby tree
Then suddenly my smile fades
As sharp pain cuts like razor blades
There is a deafening sound
And then you crumble to the ground
I am frozen; I don’t know what to do
I am sinking back into the blue
I see him, watching in the distance
Smug that I have now paid for my resistance
He turns and leaves
As I sit and breathe with heavy heaves
Beside your body, now covered in red
An image I will never get out of my head
They will expect me to return
Though they harbor no real concern
By the morning they will hear of me
For I will be resting in the deep blue Sea

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