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Life is to short

February 6, 2012
By HeavenCooley GOLD, Stillwater, Oklahoma
HeavenCooley GOLD, Stillwater, Oklahoma
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I use to think that growing up would be so much easier than being a kid.. At that time I believed being pretty was the beauty of life, I thought that scrapes and falling was the worse thing that could happen to me. I thought that dreams would come true, and I once was naive and innocent. As I grew up, I found insecurity and responsibility through myself. I lost some pride and let my battles defeat me. My war became my reality, and in that moment when I realized that I couldn't just play hide and seek an my problems just disappear. I had to finally seek myself and I knew that I couldn't pretend to be some fairytale anymore, I had to be the girl within me and be strong enough to protect myself from dragons and lava. I found out that my scrapes from falling would leave scars.. Not only on my skin, but in my heart. I use to think that growing up would be so much easier.. But I thought wrong. To all the little girls that are still growing up, be a kid still and wait till you have to grow up. It will save you from a lot of hurt and pressure that your little self wouldn't be able to handle. And remember that you are beautiful. And to smile no matter what happens. 

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