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Cat Dreams

January 27, 2012
By ViviTyu SILVER, New York, New York
ViviTyu SILVER, New York, New York
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Some people hate cats (half the world is allergic)
But mines different
You would still get allergic to him but he’s not just a big lazy tabby that sits around all day
Which would probably offend some cats out there
But that is the general stereotype (sorry :/)
He’s black and furry and his eyes dilate like puss and boots’s do when he does his cute face!
Except my cat’s real, not animated
He’ll run around a lot
Like a puppy
He’ll play tag with me, and sometimes get under my feet just to piss me off
Right as I’m stepping on the ground he’ll run under and make me scream
My mom laughs
Until he does it to her
If I ever stepped on him I don’t know how I would live with myself
He doesn’t like to be held that much
He will stay in your arms for a whole minute if you can hold him the right way
But only I can do that
He’s very independent you know
He’ll never go into anyone’s lap
I guess that’s why some people really don’t like cats
Because they like to keep their distance
And people get pets because they’re lonely
Did you know cat’s sleep for more than half their lives?
I wonder what they dream about
I thought it was just a hobby
But it’s an occupation!
If they like it so much there must be some sort of catch
I wonder what he dreams about
Now that I think about it there is not much in his world
But a 1000 square foot apartment and the sun coming out of the window
And the plants he likes to bite
I never understand why he does that
Is he hungry?
Sometimes he snores
Actually mostly
That’s when I tickle him so he’ll wake up
To no avail
He’ll only fall back asleep in 2 seconds and resume his little cat noises
I laugh under the covers
He’s a person
I love him so much I don’t think anyone will ever understand me
Except him
He understands me perfectly
If only I understood him as well
What does he dream about…

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