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I am From

January 12, 2012
By essiean BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
essiean BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
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I am from Christmas ornaments, from Bisquik and lemon-scented cleaner.
I am from the patio (unwanted, eyesore, took so long to build)
I am from the climbing tree, the strong branches.
I am from dogs and other pets, from Hughes and Dujmovic.
I am from hide and go seek and wedding anniversary parties.
From “Shut Up” and “Clean your room”
I am from CCD on Tuesday, Church on Sunday, and Christmas trees in December.
I’m from Canada and Croatia, Mary Poppins Cake and Grandma’s soup.
From the missing people at Thanksgiving, Ally chasing the dog, and movie night with my sister.
I’m from scrapbooks that my mom will never finish, no matter how many times she promises and we're all okay with that because it's like a tradition and we really need one.

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