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I am, and will always be

December 16, 2011
By Mary2016 SILVER, Cleveland, Texas
Mary2016 SILVER, Cleveland, Texas
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"When all else fails, simply look up, and remember that you are loved and blessed by the One who created you"-MaryAnna K. Willis

I am nothing and everything,
I wonder who God wants me to be,
I hear music playing,
and the voice of truth calling,
I see the light of day after a storm,
and the world opening up,
I want a love like Romeo and Juliet,
and the promise of a better day
I am nothing and everything
I pretend there's nothing wrong,
and life is perfect
I worry my life isn't what it should be,
and that I've lost the battle,
I cry for the the people I've lost,
and for the words unspoken,
I am nothing and everything,
I say words no one knows,
and the truth that no one hears,
I dream of peace,
and love,
I try to be a good friend,
and not to cry so much,
I hope one day you will see the real me,
and that someone knows the words to my heart,
I am nothing and everything

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