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through the mask

January 1, 2012
By shaylakassidy SILVER, Milton, Kentucky
shaylakassidy SILVER, Milton, Kentucky
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what you see in the mirror is not you but one of two paths you can take. -Shayla Crumley 2010

He smiles and jokes but I see the pain
All new to him and all brought on so suddenly
He had a glowing about him that made it hard to look away
And hard not to smile when you saw him
Now people say cruel and hateful things to him
"Fag" "i was scared he would molest me in my sleep"
And most recently "why don’t you kill yourself?"
Why can’t people see what they're doing to him?
Slowly eating the person he once was into a shadow
One day he confided in me saying he was tired of all
The calling out and rudeness i told him it would take time
But even i don't fully understand what to say when he asks
Those simple questions "why?" and "how long?"
He said one night he had the chance to commit suicide
And he honestly considered it hoping They would see all
The pain They had caused and feel bad, but something told
Him not to, someone would make him feel better
And that someone was me
I told him suicide wasn't the answer, and was harder to do
When you come face to face with it
So i continue to try and easy his pain
Sometimes i think its working but when he cries it's a reminder
This is still him but what i see isn't
It's a shadow. A reflection,
A mask of his former self
And nothing can change that

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