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Reaching into the Wound

December 3, 2011
By RunningWarrior1230 SILVER, Keedysville, Maryland
RunningWarrior1230 SILVER, Keedysville, Maryland
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Every time I pull away
You always seem to make your way back in
Even when it wasn't me
You found your way back into the picture
But, there is a problem this time
I am still hurting from our last battle
And, still bleeding too
The wounds are not healed
The hurt is still strong
And the nausea hasn't gone away
Something else is different too
I found someone new
He isn't the same at all
The most important difference is
I can put my trust in him
You have lost that
It is gone
And never ever coming back
And that is why
The wound still bleeds
The hurt still pounds
And the nausea just won't go away
But when he is here
It subsides for awhile
And things are okay
The sun shines
The birds sing
The world is a happy place
But the darkness lurks
It haunts
It preys on the weakest moments
To strike again
To wound
To hurt
To sicken
But one day, I promise
They will all go away
And the sun will shine
The birds will sing
And trust will rise again

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