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November 23, 2011
By Morning SILVER, Greensboro, North Carolina
Morning SILVER, Greensboro, North Carolina
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Emily told us to tell the truth slant
My window slants the sunlight
It makes a rhombus on the wall
The slats divide it into four sections.
The window light Is slanted, the window light is
I think that everyone must know that
Everyone has seen the
Bright patches of
On their wall one day
Sunlight’s slanted patches are a nice hard solid color
Like the dress that Mama made you wear on Easter
But when you stay up at night and watch the moonlight’s
It is the soft silver that you would imagine wearing
To the midnight ball
It gently caresses your mind, sweeping in and twisting
Nighttime is imagine time
There is no more slanted sunlight to tell you about
Truth and Easter
Only silvery moonlight to
Whisper of past kings and
Dragon rides
Only soft moonlight to tell you that
Prince Charming doesn’t stand in your doorway
He resides in your mind
He won’t come to you, pulling you safely from
First you must find him and the far away land
Behind the stars
Then you may forget the steady sunlight beating on your wall
And escape into the land
Where even moonlight flickers.

The author's comments:
I saw some sunlight on my wall...

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