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December 1, 2011
By -Madhatter- PLATINUM, Ballwin, Missouri
-Madhatter- PLATINUM, Ballwin, Missouri
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First of all
This poem,
Has nothing to do
This poem is about a best friend

I stroke your black velvety ears
Memories of me learning so much
With you in my arms
I smiled but tears still flow freely

I notice a blood stain on your left paw
Ah! From me falling down the hill
Your right ear
Oh, from the fire

Your glassy eyes stare back at me
You look like you’re going to cry
I smile and kiss your sift forehead
And hold you tight while my tears drench you

If only you were real
If only you could hug me back
My world would be better
If you could tell me I’m okay

I’ve loved you since I was two
I’ve cared for you
Like no one cared for me
You have done the same

If I could
Only tell you one thing
It would be
I love you

In the toughest times
All you need is a teddy bear
You are that teddy bear

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