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Two Worlds

November 28, 2011
By -Madhatter- PLATINUM, Ballwin, Missouri
-Madhatter- PLATINUM, Ballwin, Missouri
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Two identities
One true, one false
Labeled what she was born into
Believing in something different

Lost in un-fathomable distress
Scared to admit who she is
Forgotten by the ones who should love her most
Loved by the one who understand

She is not ugly
She is not beautiful
She is not fat
She is not thin

She wanders the empty corridors of her life
Searching for what isn’t there
A happy family
A faithful father and a loving mother

School is her escape
Where one woman welcomes her
With a wonderful laugh
A gentle smile

Her interests lie in the Holocaust
She sees the horror
She feels the pain of the people
Hears the wails of pain

She calls them her people
She prays for the 11 million lost
And the ones who lost their loved ones
“Never forget the Holocaust.” She recites

She has a gentle heart
But guards it with thorns
She is that of a rose
Growing alone

Who is she?
What is God’s reason?
Is she worth anything?
Are the constant nagging questions deep in her heart

With her head down to the driving rain
She pushes on
Looking to prevail
With each foot in two worlds

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