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The 99%

November 21, 2011
By ViviTyu SILVER, New York, New York
ViviTyu SILVER, New York, New York
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Are we really occupying Wall Street? Or are we just occupying Zuccotti Park? Tents pitched. Voices angry. Representatives are doing a bad job! The signs say. How do you think you are you representing America. A cause long lost, teens being driven by the mob mentality, taking pictures smiling. There is nothing to smile about. Molestation news flashes, an inflammation in crime. A growing disparity of wealth, but really a growing disparity of people and purpose. Do we know why we are there anymore? People assaulted who are getting on the train. Confusing faces, punch the Wall Street executives instead, that’s what your shirts say. You could read the article on Wikipedia, it will tell you September 17th. It will tell you the origin of the madness, but you should ask the people who’ve experienced the sadness. The 99%.

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