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Stewart Little

November 21, 2011
By GreenWriter826 PLATINUM, McAllen, Texas
GreenWriter826 PLATINUM, McAllen, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
''Their fruits like honey to the throat
But poison in the blood'' - Christina Georgina Rossetti "Goblin Market"

I watch you stare

at the space on the wall

as you wait patiently

for an expected call

your lips purse out

eyes drooping just a bit

you obnoxiously twitch

where you temporarily sit

our bodies are only

inches away

the television flickers

I want you to stay

Incoming call

her voice is extremely squeaky

you look over in mid-sentence

I hope you can't read me

So I divert my eyes

and smile at the screen

hope you have fun

is not what I mean

no matter the show

that airs at my time

can glue your interest

and change your mind

so obviously you'll leave

out the blue colored door

As I weigh into my lumpy couch

my heart quietly hitting the floor

The author's comments:
He'll never know I wrote this for him or that I'm in love with him or that everytime he leaves or answers a text from her or kisses me so that my knees feel like jello but turns around to his girlfriend I want to cry or scream. But I'll know that my heart cracks each time and that I have the power to keep this little secret from him. I guess that's all that I can say about that.

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