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Wondering Nomad

October 5, 2011
By The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
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Through all the fields I fly,
As life seems to pass me by.
If I look up to soon,
All that will be seen is the morning loon.
And so I say one last time,
Life seems to stop on a dime.
When it hits you crashing down,
Till you return to the ground.
I continue to walk -on by,
As I wonder on and sigh.

Tired in so many ways,
As I recall the expired days.
And times goes on,
But next dawn.
I shall remember
To thank every family member.
For things I have been given
And for the places I’ve lived in.
As I continue wondering on
I shall be back before next dawn.

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