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So This is How it Hurts...

September 16, 2011
By musicloveswritting16 SILVER, Troy, Missouri
musicloveswritting16 SILVER, Troy, Missouri
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So this is how it hurts,

So deep down and dark
Where it cuts so thick,

So wide, without blades or knives
Without anything you can see,

Unless you count the pictures
That those wicked words create in your mind’

Those pictures of sorrow, pictures of hate
Showing every flaw, every, defect, every mistake

And as those claws dig trenches of
Doubt onto your soul;

Just remember that
Every long dark night comes to morning,

Every storm turns into a rainbow
Every affliction, the miracle

And to every story, an end;
The end is always in sight,

No matter how near, no matter how far;
It’s just hidden by the call

From the cure that is

But it is now, every second

Every minute that passes by…

It is now,
And this is how it hurts.

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