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How easy

September 11, 2011
By T.C.Buttercup GOLD, Vancouver, Other
T.C.Buttercup GOLD, Vancouver, Other
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once upon a time.
live or let die.
never change for anyone, unless you have no one left to change for.

Darkness falls.
Skies all cleared.
Silent wind,
Blows a near.

Water a dark,
Reflecting light.
Stars appear up high,
Their shine a bright.

In distance,
I pear,
Past ahead,
No fears.

Breathless in speech,
Cooled by breeze.
Standing so still,
All thoughts freeze.

A moment in time,
Fog came ahead.
Still, still stood,
death led.

Darkness carried deep.
thoughts chill my feet.
Beyond just surface.
Far down beneath.

So easy it would be,
to jump,
Not to think,
But to be free.

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