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September 2, 2011
By Lucie BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Lucie BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies

I'm tired of anyone looking at me
When I pick up a cookie
Instead of a salad

The way my best friend looks at me
The way my parents look at me
The way my brothers look at me
The way my crush looks at me

So I take a bit
And say I just wanted a bit
But that doesn't stop them from staring
That doesn't stop my brothers or dad from saying something
at doesn't stop my friend from saying how shes so fat
When I'm twice her size
But I'm so sick from eating only half
I'm just gonna sit there
And eat all of my cookie
And there gonna look
And there gonna say something
And I'll just stand up and walk away
Because I'd really rather fall in a hole
Then listen to then complain about my weight
Because I'm just happy
That i got my cookie

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