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We Are Hope- Never Give Up.

September 7, 2011
By AmberA BRONZE, Karachi, Other
AmberA BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.
-Oscar Wilde.

In the dead of the night,
Cries ring out, as tranquility subsides.
For in a hail of bullets when everything seems to come to an end, it's hard not to give up the fight.
Hard but not unachievable for the courage lies within.

On the border line, between martyr and soldier he stands.
His sweaty palms loosening grip on his weapon. Slowly letting down his guard.
And for a moment there, no sound is heard except The echoes of his worries,
The vivid memory of his daughter's gleeful smile,
The sound of his mother's silent cry as he set out into the night,
safe inside the roof of his troubled mind.
And in the absence of his soul, as it rode a carousel of memories; The place he swore to protect till his last dying breath, went up in flickering flames, Embers were tossed about as Chaos girdled around. The foul smell of the smoke, the ears-splitting shouts brought him out of his spell. The ticket back to being slipped away; now far from gone, Leaving behind demons of his past.
If only he knew sooner, If only he knew better.

outside the marketplace for worldly desires, amidst entrepreneurs, tycoons and landlords stood a puny boy not more than ten nor less than eight.
The reflected light from skyscrapers blinded him, forcing him to peer down.
He dusted the dime he discovered among trash and held it close, elation evident on his face.
The proud smile, disappeared as smirks were targeted towards the boy who didn't know how to tie his shoelaces.
And so the dime made it's debut as he skipped his way to a wishing well,
Drew a sharp intake of breath as he tiptoed to toss the coin, it landed with a soft plop joining the uncountable others.
His wish was that of peace, not just for him, but for the world. And for his parents who he'd never grow-up to know.

Brought into this world as offspring of Adam and Eve,
We've branched out too far.
For then isn't every human our brother?
Teardrops glaze our eyes,
the truth is nothing more then a thing of the past.
The life once easy to lead, is now no more.
With stealth in our heart,
The growing hall of fame, every tyrant applauded, every miscreant rewarded.
In times like these the world you knew collapses,trouble relapses.
But regardless; those who retrieve their telescopes and search the skies for even a pinch of truth,
Know that when you come to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on as
: We are the change we want to see in the world,
We are the strength that's slowly fading away from our hearts.
We are the courage of mistreated humans,
We are the determination of a striving nation.
We are the freedom of a caged bird.
We alone can voice thoughts, and words unspoken.
We alone can put an end to the sufferings scattered across the world, consuming it.
Hope is what we are. We are the hope for our globe, there's nothing we can't do as long as we believe in ourselves, and never give up or give in.

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