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Forever Longing

August 9, 2011
By JacktheSkipper GOLD, Abbeville, South Carolina
JacktheSkipper GOLD, Abbeville, South Carolina
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The better days of life were ours-

Like the leaves of the sycamore when Summer is green.
But every memory created in hours of the past,
heavy as stones,
yet unforeseen,

Will melt by tomorrow’s light but will forever last.

With a last night to relive our memories-
We hold hands, as in the old years

And dread the morning, too.

But the sun that cheers nor the storm that fears

Can destroy the path laid out for you.

Tomorrow's light dims the joy of our laughter-

If we were thieves we'd steal the light's rays.

Nights would come and go, but bring us no days.
Our letters wouldn’t melt,

Our bridges wouldn't decay,

Our smiles wouldn’t dim,

If night brought us no day.

Like the beating of midnight's bell,
Our love's echo would be sacred and forever dwell.

Robbing our hearts of peace-

The light faded from summer's sun.

 Departing tears flowing down the tulips run
And from the water,

smiling through our tears,
We day-dream of vanished years.

How often we forget what tomorrow brings-

Admiring the light in one anther's eyes.
Mournfully hoping tomorrow’s light won’t beam,
Only leaves burdened hearts and silent cries.

While we sat close in the dark-

I watched as summer’s sickamore withered, leaf by leaf-

A poisoned tree, forever longing to be released.
It's blossoms will be seen no more,

It finds a different ending than before.

Away then, my dearest-

Your road roared upon the silent air.

We departed in the passion of the city's sleep.

You looked back, and casted a final stare.
A stare that will not be forgotten,
that I'll forever keep.

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