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To Flee The Masquerade

July 29, 2011
By Speedyloris GOLD, Seattle, Washington
Speedyloris GOLD, Seattle, Washington
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Get me outta the closed walls and rooftops

If I could surf the tree tops

Wings infused to my shoulder blades

Moon as my savior, and motherboard

I could flee the masquerade

We dance like the flames on candles

Synchronized beats and repeats

Stuck in the system,

Prisoners to our "feeds"

Who's gonna let their revolution bleed?

I'd glide over the city lights

With the stars as my night light

And I won't come down

Until we brake the cycle

So here's to all my precious candle flames

One day you'll learn how to shine like the northern lights

And redeem the strength to grow strong and wise like mother midnight

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