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They are People Too

June 27, 2011
By Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
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Why do we feel the need
To push higher than everyone else?
We are all the same-
The same desires rule our hearts.

So why do young children
Shun their peers?
They are people too,
People who, deep down,
Just want to belong.

So why do teenagers
Laugh and gossip about others?
They are people too,
People who have done nothing but
Be a little bit different than the others.

So why do grown men and women
Dismiss their coworkers,
Pretending to be so much better than them?
They are people too,
People who just want to live their lives like everyone else.

So why does the world look down on me,
Like I have nothing to offer but pain?
I'm a person too.
And I'd do nearly anything
To prove my worth to everyone who doubts it.

So why does my family look down on me,
Wondering if I'll ever
Make them proud?
I'm a person too.
I may not be perfect,
But I'm only human, after all.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because of how so many people around me feel. They have done nothing but live their lives, the way they want to, but they are pushed away and told that they are too different to ever be accepted. They aren't perfect, but they're people too.

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