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The Unwelcome

July 2, 2011
By alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
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Love is the greatest thing anyone has to offer

the unwelcome are not noticed
not cared about
and not loved
they don't even know what is keeping them alive
they are not living breathing people
no one cares about them
no one would give a damn whether they are dead
they would be happy
they are not even people, they are shadows living in the dark
no one wants us around
were the unwelcome
the nobody's
the nothings
the shadows
the unseen
the uncared abouts
the unloved
the misunderstoods
the blanks
and the dead
we are just shadows of the unwelcome
if someone cared
if someone loved
if someone understood
if someone would show the world were a bunch of loving people the world would be a better place
and the world would be a perfect place to be

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