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Masked Man

June 29, 2011
By greendog7 SILVER, West LA, California
greendog7 SILVER, West LA, California
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There is a masked man
who hides his face
Not ready to show
His kindness and grace

Never does speak
Doesn't take notice
Hides behide brains
Eyes crossed, out of focus

He must be lonely
Masks only cause harm
Drowning his sorrows
Is cause for alarm

Why does he hide
Through a thin sheet of plaster
Isn't life better
Going, faster and faster

The world may be ugly
That much is true
But it does get better
Don't feel blue

Take off your mask
And get rid of your fears
You never know who is waiting
With freshly cried tears

Just take a chance
Step out of your shell
I will always be waiting
To share and to tell

I know a masked man
Who hides his face
I wish he would show me
His kindness and grace

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