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Him and I

July 5, 2011
By JustEmily PLATINUM, Cicero, Indiana
JustEmily PLATINUM, Cicero, Indiana
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I see his face and my
heart melts like butter
He is so shy
But has a voice like no other

In his eyes I see endless desire
But his love for me goes unknown
I can see his anger, hot as fire
Yet his compassion still chills me to the bone.

When he talks its like magic,
music to my ears.
But his unspoken words are tragic,
words no one must hear.

His touch
makes my head spin
But it’s not much
And soon I am alone again.

Being with him is like flying,
but it happens too fast.
Trying and trying
I know it won’t last

Together we are perfect
meant to be
But on the inside we are defects
And he shuns away from me

I know his dreams
He knows my goals
For us to be a team
Together a whole

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