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An Atheist's Religion

June 4, 2011
By LaLiberte BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
LaLiberte BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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One: penance
You saw me drowning, overwhelmed
by all I needed, all I lacked,
all my condition had deprived me of.
You saw a ghost in my closet and knew my fear.
You reached out, and
when I took your hand,
you never let go.

Two: absolution
You came to me drowning, overwhelmed
by evils, fears, and wrongs--
the reality of nightmares you faced alone.
I saw you reflected in myself and took you in.
My shoulder caught your tears, and
by needing me,
you saved me.

Three: salvation
I have been drowned, overwhelmed
by permanent memories,
parts of me that can never be erased.
You know little of my raging internal war, but see my battle wounds.
You do not bombard me with questions,
but embrace me wholly;
You free my from my own mind.

The love, the wisdom, the reward
Three, outcast and broken,
the form of my misshapen, atheistic religion
By no means perfect,
by no means holy,
you have saved me all the same.
You hold more trust than any "lord" or congregation.
Whether it damns me or not, you are my religion.

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