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Socially Inept

May 29, 2011
By EllieMae SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
EllieMae SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
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Sure I’ve got secrets
That are my own anyways
All the ones that were
Softly whispered into
My ear and had people
Fretting over whether or not
I could be trusted
All are forgotten
Who cares if she likes him
Or not maybe he does like her
These are just gone
Like migratory birds
And mine are parrots
Sitting in my head mocking me
Some constant reminder
Of how I never truly
Am like them
Wasting their time spending
What seems like every waking
Moment together
Going on pointless adventures
Taking pictures only to have them
To falsely laugh at remembering those
“Good times” all this occurring
While I sit and wish whole-heartily
For that same satisfaction, that equal feeling
That I too fit in that I too am not a girl
Women maybe even who holds all
Too dearly her values
Is it my parents whom I should blame
For causing this eternal everlasting pain
The way they raised and treated me
Or is it just the sad benign truth
That I am socially inept.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this piece was basically my day to day life. When I was little I was extremly shy and very independent. As I grew up I became more and more determined to change this. At times I have been so close to fufilling this only to have it torn down by my parents, and reality for that matter. I realize my phrasing is slight choppy but I feel it fully conveys my thoughts and emotions. Please feel free to comment I wish to improve my writng and I could possibly learn from what you have to say. Thank you, and enjoy.

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