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May 10, 2011
By Asharahy SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
Asharahy SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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"A lot of Truth is said in Jest" - Marshall Mathers

gently i touched his lips.






my path

with a Warm Exquisite Fire
That disintegrated, burned away
Past wounds with liquid amber.

But I wasn’t always his un-prescribed medication…
Before he was clean-cut, sipping my lightweight cousins
Of fermented barley with an occasional sip of
Intoxicating liquid grape, (red&white).

Slowly, though, he grew older,
College stumbled by and a man
In army green took him by the leash
And made him a dog of the military.

And he gently collapsed into
My sturdy glass arms
And I caught him (of course).
If only for a night,
He forgets about dead Sammy
And Wounded Major Jeff
And instead caresses me.

Yes, the morning after he wakes,
And he discards me with my others,
And Dead Sammy and Wounded Major Jeff
Whisper horrific ‘should haves’
‘could haves’ into his tortured ear,
until 9pmrollsaround,
and he slams the door open to my crowded house
and brutally takes me by the throat,
a passionately strong embrace.
He slowly empties me,
Slowly fell in love with me,
Slowly I glazed his eyes over
And he fell into a daze
Of nodeadsammyandnojeff
And he fell so deep that morning
Came quick.
And I was left and he was back
to remembering his skeletons.

but i will always wait for him.
i will always be there when he
needs me, if only for a night.

If only for every night.

The author's comments:
a different take on alcohol abuse.

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