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A Flea Market Daydream Inheritance

April 29, 2011
By BobbysConscience GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
BobbysConscience GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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"How time can move both fast and slow, amazes me..."
-Bright Eyes

Strike your shovel back into the pile of ashes
And fill my ravening pit until it smokes
But these shards of ember won’t burn forever
Think it’s best you cross over quickly as you can

Lavender therapy with a mushroom stitch
The woman approved of my bedtime twitch
Here before you, I present the humble blessings
Of the kerosene and the alcohol, respectively.

I’m so goddamn scared to think I’m goddamned. I’m so afraid of being scared again.

Oh what a novel concurrence,
What a beautiful wonderful feeling
To know I’m flying back to Jerusalem
Dangling on the strings of a hot air balloon

And in our last session,
You pulled my tears at your discretion
The mix tapes hung from the window pane
And I just swelled up all teary eyed

I feel so guilty all the time. So ever confident of this disappointment.
I’m terrified of being scared again.

So now, watch me run— pathetically run from
My one fenced love and hide the key
I’m looking for a tailor to stitch me a new shiny notion
With mushroom lavender scent

And we’ll take turns glancing
It’s so much more conniving than advancing
So much more appealing I think
It serves you well, it really does.

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