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I WasCrying For You

April 10, 2011
By SkinnyWest SILVER, Middleburg, Florida
SkinnyWest SILVER, Middleburg, Florida
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I remember when it was just you and me
we were kickin it back and feelin free
and talking to you made me so happy
but now cause of what i did its hard for you to see
past all the little difficulties

Girl, you are so beautiful in every way
i think about you everyday
i love the way you talk and i love your smile
and i regret not seein it for awhile
your laugh is music to my ears
when i hear it i forget about all my problems and fears
your hair is the prettiest thing ive ever seen in my life
its like a beautiful black waterfall come back alive

And you could never be as cold as ice
cause even when your calling me stupid you seem so nice
sometimes i feel bad cause you seem to remember every word i say
when i forget what we talked about by the end of the day

And i understand you dont feel the same
i just want to spend time with you
but now i cant and i hav no one but myself to blame
and i dont want you to go out with me
i want you to find a girl who cares about you and will make you happy
i say this because i know you deserve better
and i know you dont give a damn about this letter

Its only been a couple days since we talked
but to me it feels like forever and i miss you so much
for you i would always skip class
but always never seems to last

You know i dont care about anything but you have no clue
that the one thing i o are about is you

Now a real man is supposed to have no fears
and we arent supposed to be sensitive or shed tears
and your the only one who remembers that day i was crying and sad
i told you not to worry and not to feel bad

And i wish i could tell you the truth
but the truth is,
i would fight for you
i would die for you

Truth is, that day i was crying for you

The author's comments:
My teacher said that when you write a poem it has to about something you really care about so mine ended being about a girl i really like alot and id like to give it to her but i dont think its good enough for her. Can you tell me if it is or isn't?

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