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Re-born Right

March 14, 2011
By Speedyloris GOLD, Seattle, Washington
Speedyloris GOLD, Seattle, Washington
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My hands are sun-kissed
With the creases of experiences
Like the ridges on sand dunes
That make up vast beaches
Beaches that shape my soul
Saltwater that scrapes me raw
And reveals the mental guts
Of my existence
My toes are nibbled by crustaceans
That taste my vulnerabilities
The lack of the ability
To put into place
My progressions
Because I haven't reached perfection
And I probably never will
But s***
I'd love to touch up my aim
And precision
And its not that I need corrections
Just a new direction
Cause I get shivers down my spine
Like lightning bolts
Shocking me into reality
Electricity strokes my brain
And tiptoes on the backs
Of my eyeballs
I blink once
And maybe
I'm beginning to see in a new light
And when they try to make me choose
Between fight or flight
I say Darling
I'll bring the fight on my flight
Cause I'm on the journey
To right

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