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March 8, 2011
By madelinea** BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
madelinea** BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
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I am the victim of this awful emotion
Inside I feel like a stormy, blue ocean
The wind is howling just waiting to be released
And the thunder is roaring like a wild beast

Steam is ready to shoot out of my ears
And my eyes are ready to cry buckets of tears
My heart is pounding like the beat of a drum
I just wish I didn’t feel like this over something so dumb

It is the competition in me;
The need to be the best I can be
When someone threatens this feeling
I don’t know any other way of healing

I know I should not have to worry
You tell me often when my sight gets blurry
But what scares me more than anything is the possibility,
The whole situation and its versatility

Fear has been instilled in me because of the past
Because nothing before this seemed to last
And now that I got what everyone else had all along
Anything that gets in my way simply does not belong

I know I have myself to blame
And putting you in the middle of this is a shame
I vow to try my best with the obstacles that the future may hold
And to keep these ugly emotions on a short leash and controlled

It is only when I am able to clearly think
That all my worries are gone in a blink
It is usually then when I remember I will never be replaced
And all my doubts are quickly erased

The author's comments:
I find myself getting jealous or sometimes feeling replaced. This poem explains why these feelings arise inside of me.

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