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This Guy

February 7, 2011
By AnonymousDancer BRONZE, Tappahannock, Virginia
AnonymousDancer BRONZE, Tappahannock, Virginia
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This guy
This one guy
The one
Who makes you laugh?
Who makes you want to dance?
Who makes you giggly?
Who makes you happy?
Who loves you a lot? Maybe too much haha ?
But calls you at 12 o’clock (at least he’s not my ex)
At night (teasing me) Laughing OUT LOUD ?
Not funny especially the day before I go back to school really early in the morning
Ah-mazing guy who always knows what to say to me.
Who believes in me when I don’t
Who tells me that I can reach the sky
A sky full of diamonds
That I should Live my Life up
Who cheers me up when I am having a bad day.
Who there really are no words for you
When you just know its true
Well this is you
I wonder who this wonderful poem is about
Well this Guy makes me laugh so much that my roommate asked me if I was okay because I fell down on the ground and was laughing so hard
But I love my roommate and I love you to
He has taught me many valuable life lessons. I loved our phone conversation last night and the night before
We have a lot in common
You “this guy” mean a lot to me. I loved your voice when you were so excited about getting your blackberry phone (your first cell phone) wow! But you didn’t know how to use it.
It was so cute. It was not like you but I loved it.
I thought it was incredibly funny.
I’m in Study Hall while doing this because I love you that much ha-ha JK I am not really in Study Hall doing this.
I finished all my work. Yay Me!!!!!!
I hope you like this poem so far because it took a while too write kind of but it is 100% true.
It might be even more. Well now I will continue
As you know you are an awesome guy but you are a bit weird
But apparently I am a bit weird too.
I like being called Princess… especially by you.
You have helped me a lot even if you don’t know it.
Apparently I am a poet and didn’t even know it. I’m Serious.
You mean so much to me… I have learned a lot from you.
I do not think you understand how happy and giggly you make me
Wow this poem is almost 2 full pages typed. This shows how much I love you.
Well as you know you are special or as my friend and I like to call it you are specal which actually is a word and I learned that its not a very good word. So yeah
You are this to me and so much more
Even though we are not together but far apart you mean so much to me
You are the ice cream to my cake.
You are the cream to my cookies
You are the chocolate to my chocolate chip cookies
You are the jelly to my peanut butter
You are sweet like sugar.
You spin my head around and around.
You are the frosting to my cake
You are the student to my teaching of dance
You Live your life to the fullest and never hold back because you can set your mind to anything that you want to achieve
I mean it you are cool but I’m cooler than I make Ice Cubes Jealous.
But you are almost to the cooler factor.
U make me believe more in myself
You make me want to reach for the sky and never hold back.
Life is one day at a time
And I like talking on the phone with you.
Because you make me feel awesome and I feel more alive and energetic
You sure do not make me feel surreptitious. You make me so happy.
I just want you to know that you make me feel like I am soaring
just like what I feel when I am dancing.
When I dance I feel free like there is nothing to worry about.
I think I should stop soon because this is going to be quiet a long poem
and it will be even longer if I continue.
Which I am
But first you make me feel happy and you are a star in this world and not many people are as nice or sweet and funny as you are.
Time seriously flew by but it felt glamorous writing this poem for you.
I love you.
You are so awesome
I just really wanted to capture our friendship and what I like about you.
You are like the sunshine.

The author's comments:
Well this guy inspired me.

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