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February 7, 2011
By GypsyRose GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
GypsyRose GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
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I will make you wings
We could fly away
Leave all this mess to yesterday
We could forget our pasts
The things we’ve done
Leave our worries behind us, in the setting sun
I miss the way, things used to be
When you’d hold me in your arms, so gently
I sold my soul, so long ago
The horrors I’ve done, you’ll never know.
Forget the girl you thought you knew
For she never existed, except for you
She tried so hard to change her ways
But in the end, those were numbered days
For me, there is no redemption, or so they say
No conscience, no morals, I’d do anything to make you stay.
So leave me in pieces, they’ll be in pieces soon too.
I’m not sorry for anything; I’ll keep doing what I do.
There is no hope for the hopeless; I’ll reap what I sow
And in the end I can’t deny, I knew that you’d go
So leave if you must, there’s just one more thing I must do,
And that is to say…
The only thing I regret is the day I lost you.

The author's comments:
A relationship that never should have had to end. Ended out of need for recovery from addiction.

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