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Should I Or Shouldn't I

January 31, 2011
By Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
never stop doing what you love, The past makes you who you are today. Live for today and not for tomorrow

Every 40 Seconds someone asks....
It must have been a place so dark..
and you could not find any answers for you
was there anything I could have said or done
Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death among 10-14
do you wanna leave in the middle of your live
75% of teens who commit suicide suffer from depression
Depression is treatable
In my mind I keep you frozen as a teenager
no one cares, talks about death

Most people have suicidal thoughts at some point in there lives
less then 2% of all deaths are suicides
talk to some -one
where there's life there is hope
now the willow trees are blowing
a mocking bird sings
overcome fear and nothing will hold you back
live your life , no matter the coast
who told you that life was not worth living
they where wrong
no your gone and now we cry
Don't give you hope don't lose hope don't sell out -Christopher reeve
In a world of hate , we must still dare to hope – Micheal Jackson
all I have to say is
Raise your glasses
we are all dirty little freaks
so don't listen to them
so if your to school for cool
then we can all ways party on our own
so just raise you glasses
we will be nothing but LOUD!
One more time we are going to celebrate
live is going to great to end it
Just leave a light on when I am gone
words can never make me stay
you know we have been down that road
you don't know how bad it feels
please leave a light on for me
when I come around
please just there and don't give up on me
I have these thoughts in my mind
what if...
I was not here
what if
you don't know my name
what if
I was never born
what if I die
all I have to say is
to what ever you have to say

The author's comments:
I have theses thoughts and so does a lot of people but we together can over come these thoughts

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