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I will always remember

January 20, 2011
By hopeiseternal SILVER, Farmington, New Mexico
hopeiseternal SILVER, Farmington, New Mexico
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There are things that I will always remember
I will remember last september
When you came into my life
I will always remember
That day you told me
Never change the way you are
The way you were never very far
I will always remember
How you used to hold me
Keep me close throughout the storm
And you kept me safe and warm
I will always remember
The sweet smell of morning Dew
Your eyes of amber
And everything about you
That made you so dear to me
You helped me to realize that
Even though we may fall,
And the road may be rough
And the trials to many to count
That we must look behind the eyes
of those we love
And many times we will find
That their trials are just as many,
And Just as hard,
And knowing this,
We may better understand
And help each other.
I will always remember
the way you said hello
the way you never made me cry
But could light up my life
to end the pain and the strife
that made me stumble along the way
I will always remember
the little things you did,
The way you never hid
from your fears
but you faced them,
and that is what brought me to tears.
Because I will always remember
The way you said goodbye.
I will always remember
the way I was alone
Until you came along
I had many friends, but none that counted
in the long run
until you.
The way you always knew
when life was getting me down
and your inexplicable ability
to take away the hurt and the pain
I will always remember
the way you never did anything
just for your gain
You always thought of others
always wanted to do something more
for those just outside your door
who were crying for help
but being ignored
I will always remember
the way you left
the same way you came
When life decided to end its pointless game
you went,
out like a candle
the last candle on the birthday cake
you left in a fog,
a cloud of steam
Not a very good exit
for the person who helped so many
who died helping others
but I know you didn’t mind
leaving the way you did
it’s just the way you wanted it
plain and simple
for the one who made life heaven for those around him
You made my life worth living
I will always remember
the way you looked,
even when life took everything from you
you still looked radiant,
like an angel from heaven
You still looked like everything was okay
And that is what I half expected
I wanted you to come back
I couldn’t believe you were gone
Even when I saw for myself
how you chest ceased
to rise and fall
how your eyes ceased to glimmer
how your heart
the heart that had brought peace to so many
the heart that helped millions
in the small ways that really count
I will always remember
the sickening sound
That cold dead feeling
as that blessed heart
to beat.

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