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A Cure

January 3, 2011
By Scarlett-City SILVER, Clinton, Other
Scarlett-City SILVER, Clinton, Other
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If you're reading this I'm sure I owe you at least one of these: I'm Sorry. I Forgive You. You Were Right. And most importantly, Thank You. If you've made me smile, you've helped me live.

Was it brown hair,
or brown eyes?
Blonde, or jet black?
no matter what it was
you will never get it back.

you always try
way too hard.
you know you always fail.
nothing is going to change that fact
especially a stupid email.

you shouldn't think you have a chance
you're nothing compared to her.
so this time, there is no her
you still don't have a chance.
sure there's no comparison,
but you have nothing to offer.

your friends always tell you
you're beautiful
you make us laugh!
the same thing over and over.
you will never get it back.

you say "back" like it has meaning
theres no way it does.
you never did have anything,
that's just the way it was.

was? oh sure,
you've moved on now.
things are so much different
left and right you're offered plates
of beauty, brains, and laughter.
every single time, it's like a new brand of disaster.

so this is sad, and pathetic.
inside you know it's wrong.
wait it has to happen eventually
but you may be waiting long.

alright, i'm fine
things are better, i suppose.
things have been worse, i think.
my life is not that bad,
i have to cool off.

if it doesn't happen soon,
oh well.
maybe it never will.
don't focus on it so much.
like swallowing a pill.

take down this life with a giant sip.
gag once or twice, but don't give in.
bottoms up!
just force it down !
and maybe it will be the cure.

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