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A Lifetime In Two Minutes

January 12, 2011
By pollydoodle07 BRONZE, Kearney, Missouri
pollydoodle07 BRONZE, Kearney, Missouri
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One word is all I need, one word will change the very way I am breathing.

Time is at a standstill, memories, thoughts and terrifying but innocent words fly by me while I’m frozen in this trapped and horrified moment.

I stand there watching myself shake,
Cry, get lost in an unknown universe.

I can’t move.

I can’t bear to look, but I can’t keep myself from not.
My soul ages a hundred years a minute.

I’ve gone numb and cold in a way, but I’m reminded I’m alive by uncontrollable shaking and the slight warmth of tears scaring my face.

The beat of my heart drums away
to the tick if a clock.

I’m just waiting alone in an uncomfortable world waiting for that one
word, the one word I need to calm my breathing…

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