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Promise land

January 6, 2011
By Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
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never stop doing what you love, The past makes you who you are today. Live for today and not for tomorrow

promises are like a promise land,but I broke so many promises.
It is like so many things to a person, but how do I keep them from like breaking?
For instance mt little sister and my brother ,
I tired so hard to stay away from drugs , and cutting or even lying or being a big sister,
but let's just say that I am sorry for that I did all these things
I think back to these things
I was so re-tared to do these things.
I realized now I have hurt people around me even my loved ones ,
I miss my sister ,brother, my aunt , and my dieing grandmother...
her words still get to me even to this day.
She is a strong women and she is my light...
my hope....
hope dreams..
what dreams?
I have lost those along time ago
I give up like there is no tomorrow
I want to go home to what is called the promise land
.Oklahoma is my home in-till I die miss those days not because of the drugs and cutting but because of the family and people who was there ,but there was more to that my hope and light
ill be home soon.

The author's comments:
I hope i can go and see my little brother and sister again and show them i have changed

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