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Not Enough Words

October 3, 2010
By Writer4Life_21 SILVER, No Where, Maryland
Writer4Life_21 SILVER, No Where, Maryland
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Although I may have survived, I feel otherwise
For my eyes have seen such horrid things that I never thought this war would bring
The battle plays in my head like a broken record-over and over
As I lie down in this hospital bed, for I have been wounded, there are not enough words to be said

As I gaze around me, what I see cannot be described to the fullest,
For these are dreadful things I perceive
My fellow soldiers on the verge of death, as if they are hanging on a cliff with their last finger
My mind is not on me, but on them, I only hope their lives will linger

These men have acted in no way imaginable to end their lives like this
But in any second now, sorrowfully, they will drift into a sudden abyss
Depending on their teachings, the end may be with light or darkness
But this is only if the worst comes upon them, for there are not enough words to describe the joy if their lives can hold on just a little longer

While I am distressing for my peers, I have a bitter-sweet feeling inside
Although I have been wounded, I am only happy to survive,
For I never thought such opposing feelings could take you over- triumph, failure
I would never consider myself culpable of their death, but there are not enough words to tell how I feel about my fellow men falling

The battlefield held such emotions
Relief, defeat, failure, and sadness are only a few
While the bomb shells are flying towards you, these tangible emotions are too

As we march our way up toward high ground, knowing that we could die a painful death any second, may kill a fellow
In spite of it all, one of the hardest things is the instructions from our general, “Keep marching”
These words are the hardest words to say, for it must take his all for him to speak them away

Although I have illustrated to you a minute part of this battle,
There are not enough words to truly tell the feelings many soldiers are feeling now
For the ones who survived will be given even bigger thanks for life,
But for the others, I feel dreadful, for their lives have ended in strife

The author's comments:
I was assigned to pretend like I was a soldier who fought in the Battle at Gettysburg and to write a pretend letter for my 8th grade social studies class last year. I decided to write mine in the form of a poem, and my teacher thought it was genius. I got an A+. It surprisingly took me like a week to write this because I wanted it to be just right.

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