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September 29, 2010
By davidm. GOLD, McGraws, West Virginia
davidm. GOLD, McGraws, West Virginia
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karma what you do happens to you

As I sit here during the nights and days, I think how lucky I am.
The days come and go and I stay happy.
I think why am I happy?
I barely know my pappy.
It's like I'm on a boat alone, and I'm the only one rowing,
but then I stop rowing and think-- there's my grandparents, family, and others;
then I decide to say, "Hey, life's not so bad;
it could be worse, but nay,
it's pretty good. I am one to consider life lucky,
When I remember I had a little ducky when i was a kid. The joys of life are great,
so before it's too late, maybe you should realize your fate.

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