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(DEAD Battery)

September 13, 2010
By KellerFalls BRONZE, Stocjbridge, Georgia
KellerFalls BRONZE, Stocjbridge, Georgia
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Her body built by an unidentified judge

They flick the on switch and there she goes.

She is a symbol of perfection
With shiny silver latches on her waist.

She works hard to fufill her creators demands
with oily tears of shame.

Her batteries are running low..
Who will replace them?

Where is her creator?

Now how will she go on?
She needs to be charged.

Who will notice her?
She's not powerful like before.

Where is her plug?

Her will to live is now stronger than a rubber band..POP! (DEAD BATTERY)....(DEAD BATTERY)....(DEAD BATTERY)..

The author's comments:
My poem is about a women who is so tied up in societies views of her, that she is influence by a unknown surgeon who she is TRANSFORMED by. He dies a sudden death. And now she has no one to turn to..

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