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Scuba Diving

August 14, 2010
By TanGem PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
TanGem PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I peek over the mound of coral
And behold the enchanting scene.

Golden fingers of sunlight
Illuminate the swaying darkness.
Pillars of twirling green
Move back and forth
To the rhythm of the ocean.
Bits of color dart in and out
Of the shimmering seaweed.
Their fins flash in the warm light,
As the fish conceal themselves.

A mermaid approaches.

Of all wonders of the sea,
She is the masterpiece,
The crown jewel.
Emerald tail rippling fluidly,
Scales gleaming brilliantly,
Smooth skin,
Paler than the moon,
Fins fluttering gracefully.
I am transfixed;
Unable to tear my eyes away,
But afraid to look.
Her thick, flowing hair floats away
Revealing deep sapphire eyes...

Which pierce into mine.

In a twinkling,
She has disappeared with the fish.

The author's comments:
I have never been scuba diving. Pure imagination!

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