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As I Lay Dying

July 19, 2010
By FluteChick PLATINUM, Jefferson, Oregon
FluteChick PLATINUM, Jefferson, Oregon
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I am dead
Or will be soon
My toes are numb
And my sight fades
I did not expect the blade
That would plunge into my chest
Penetrating flesh, shattering bone
Cold as ice, hot like fire
The wound seeps a river of my blood
As I lay dying

I am dead
And will thus be forgotten
I am a soldier among thousands
My body will burn in the communal pits
Forgotten amongst the hundreds who die beside me
A pile of ash my only legacy
For I sought revenge for the murder
Of my family by the infidels
And yet it is I
Who lay dying

I am dead
God is not here
He does not bless this land of sand and blood
Nor does he bless those who kill
I killed in His name
And yet killing is a sin
I hated, yet it was Christ who taught to love and tolerate
I fought when there should have been peace
Perhaps it is just
That I should lay dying

I am dead
Tears fill my eyes
The sun burns down on
My upturned face, baking my blood
I long for that peace that death whispers in my ear
I have done great wrong to man
I deserve what I get
Be it Heaven or Hell
But it does not matter
For I lay dying

I am dead
And as eternal night spreads before me
I feel the bloody rain of tears
Tears of all those that I have killed
In His name
Burning my face so I may share in their pain
Revenge upon me
The hypocrite, the killer, the sinner
Who sobs pityingly for myself
As I lay dying

I am dead…

The author's comments:
Written after watching Kingdom of Heaven.

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