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Anne Bradstreet

August 6, 2010
By Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
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I want to be like Anne Bradstreet
Just as she did, I want to craft words of into beautiful rhyme
But I also want to be like J.K. Rowling, sell my work and earn my keep
Oh—I know it will take time

But maybe someday
I can take this hobby, this idea and turn my dream into reality
Maybe someday I can write and earn money to pay my way
I want to make the world think what I do is something of beauty—something pretty

I want to be like Stephanie Meyer
Except my writing would be just as popular but not as s*****
I want some people to be my buyers
Oh I know I need some work—right now the rough drafts are still too gritty.

Maybe someday
I can be like Oscar Wilde
And make the world laugh and play
Oh if only my work could be like my child

I’d nuture it
And give up my heart and soul to make it be something you’d want to keep
I want to be popular like Meyer, but not write s***
Oh if only I could be like Rowling, Meyer, and Wilde, but mostly Bradstreet.

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