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Fight (for Haiti)

August 13, 2010
By DaydreamBeliever GOLD, Lockport, Other
DaydreamBeliever GOLD, Lockport, Other
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The room was the same
As any other day
The innocent children
Knew no other way
They shouldn't have to fight

Then the ground began to move,
And the walls began to shake
When the roofs fell in is
When the homes started to brake

That was when we realized
The school was coming down
The screams of the children
Were coming from all around
They shouldn't have to fight

The rubble was all around me
In the place we thought was safe
And the dust I was inhaling
Started to take my life

I see a small hand
That no one else can take
I start to dig faster
Even though my bones ache
They shouldn't have to fight

I found the poor child
And held him like he was my own
Because through all of this,
No one should be alone
They shouldn't have to fight

They looked and looked
And finally dug us free
They found a few living children
And the little boy and me

We sat on a tarp on the road
Since the hospital had caved in
We were overlooking
Where my school once had been
They shouldn't have to fight

My students were so hard to see,
Their eyes were glazed with fright
So much that death was
A hard but relieving sight

I watched so many children
Die a painful death
Even the little boy I held
Took his final breath
They shouldn't have to fight

They're really only innocent
Children after all
They shouldn't have to watch
The walls of their lives fall

It sounds unfair to me,
It just doesn't seem right
They shouldn't have to hurt, fear, or worry
They shouldn't have to fight

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care more said...
on Sep. 18 2010 at 9:35 am
You are a wonderfully, caring person. Our world needs more people like you. Continue to use your talent for good.