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Write it Down

July 21, 2010
By transcendentalist33 BRONZE, Elyria, Ohio
transcendentalist33 BRONZE, Elyria, Ohio
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Along the years people have found many simple ways
To escape into a world that uplifts their haze.
Where their problems are temporarily forgotten
In spite of the fact that their lives are truly rotten
Instead of trying to solve their dilemmas they decide to succumb
To other alternatives that leave them feeling numb
In times of trouble and quiet desperation
People turn to their preferred destination.
They crave a temporary escape from things that ail them inside
Because drowning their pain is better than hurting their pride.
And sometimes troubles are too immense to admit
That they can handle it so they give up and quit.
Instead an escape is frequently preferred;
Compared to facing their problems that have recently occurred.
Turning to poisonous substances in belief of a cure
To their current problems that they refuse to endure.
Yet drugs and alcohol have an addictive fixation
Therefore I prefer something with less implication.
I turn to writing as my own personal sanctuary
It relieves my stress in a way that’s beneficiary.
In this world you can unwind your mind
Through a means of writing that isn’t confined
To simple words but also illustrations
That demonstrates your inner beliefs and greater imaginations.
There are no instructors and no teachers to follow
Only you can pursue the fire that burns aglow
In the depth of your mind an ingenious idea sits waiting,
For you to engage it in some way that’s liberating.
By turning to the ancient ways of writing entitled journalism
You begin a new self discovery that only you can fathom.
Sometimes the best way to work out your tribulations
Is by opening up to a friend that can give you consolations.
A friend who will not critic or bother to judge you
For all the philosophies that you hold to be true.
This personal escape can take as long as you need
Giving you time to relieve your anxiety without an impede.
Presenting a stress free environment that gives you the time
To make conclusions and create poetry that’s genuinely sublime.
Writing is the most enriching way to ease stress
It’s a productive way to unravel your every mess.
All those feelings that you’ve kept bottled up
Should be released in case of a catastrophic blowup
Those thoughts that you’ve refused to let go of
Now linger in your brain waiting to go off
If only you could write down your problems
Then your mind could work out its own theorems
Allowing you to grasp a new viewpoint or perspective
But only by searching deep in your introspective
Only then can you accurately understand
The way you want your life to be planned.
Writing will help you develop your own ideals
Brain-storming and contemplating always reveals
Your real emotions whatever they may be
With time you will learn about integrity.
Always being true to the emotions you are feeling
Even when you’re lost, confused and constantly searching
For an answer to your problem, just remember this place
For you to be free no matter what the case.
If at any time you are unsure of what write
The only advice I have as an insight
Are the words from a famous transcendentalist,
Henry D. Thoreau was an uncanny idealist.
He believed in a simple philosophy that should be taught in your youth
“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth”

The author's comments:
This piece was created to inspire the young artists out there who have been caught up in a bad crowd. I was like them once but now I've found my way. I hope that by writing the truth of their lives it will help them work out their problems and find solutions.

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