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The Man of Time

July 20, 2010
By TheKillerClocks BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida, Florida
TheKillerClocks BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"If I were the rain. . .
that binds together the Earth and the sky,
whom in all eternity will never mingle. . .
Would I be able to bind two hearts together?"
-Orhime, BLEACH

Ticks and tocks!
Time is a sharpened blade
surrounded by Killer Clocks,
we wait.

Pay your fee,
Age your lives.
How self righteous is
the man of Time.

What a serious crime!
As numbers end people's lives,
How greedy a suitor is Time!

Assassin of destiny!
You work with the seconds
with a lack of sympathy.
weeding the world as she beckons!

Overcrowded, she cries!
You are the World's lover, Time!
There's not a single person left alive,
as you eventually drag the last soul away,
scarily sublime.

Warm words scatter the plains
"How devoted is the man of Time."
but the World, herself, cries in shame.
He is unstoppable, Her lover is divine.

And the World, she wonders,
will she also be
a victim of Time?

The author's comments:
If you think about it, a pocket watch is a very good source of inspiration...

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